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I'm seeing somebody and I'm afraid to tell him about my depression...

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simply because he generally wants kids and I'm on antidepressants. And I'm not sure I'll be able to cope without them.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
That's a tough one Stranger 42. On one hand you'll need his support and understanding but there's the issue of uncertainty as to how he'll take it. You will have to trust him. I'm hoping your relationship is stronger than your fears. It just may well be. This could be the answer to all your prayers. Who knows, perhaps a loving husband and a growing family are exactly what you need. The point is though, you don't know. So take it slowly, step by step. Give him a chance to respond. You don't to address a possible family on day one. Give him time to grow his understanding and support with you first then see how it all evolves.

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Hi Stranger42,

Welcome to the forum!

Trustlife has already given good advice. If the man you're seeing is someone you love and trust, and see a future with, it's crucial that he is aware of the depression. Supporting each other in a relationship is so important. There is a chance this man is already aware that you have mental health difficulties. If you spend a lot of time together, he may have sensed that you struggle with your mental wellbeing at times. Like Trustlife said, you don't need to tell him everything at once. Open up to him gradually, when the two of you are alone and in a relaxed mood. Go with your instincts, and calmly explain what you're going through and how you're feeling.

Try exploring this beyondblue link: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/have-the-conversation

I hope you can open up about your depression soon.

Best wishes,