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I love my partner but my brain is telling me no?

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Hi guys, I’m really stuck at this point! I have been with my boyfriend for nearly a year now and from March 2020 I started having bad dreams he was cheating or would leave me. Then one day out of no where this feeling just suddenly happened that I didn’t love him which I know is bull because he’s the best thing that could of ever happened to me and he’s done nothing wrong and is really supportive!! I know for a fact I love him and that something else is just going on with me.. but I can’t figure it out and I seriously need this to end. I also have health anxiety and panic disorder which idk if that would be contributing? As I’ve had thoughts lately about him dying.

my ex was really toxic. My dad is also toxic so I no longer see him.

So if anyone has had anything similar can you please share with me your experience 🙂 x

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Hello DanielleS, and welcome to the forums.

Can I ask you if you have had any other intrusive thoughts like this or been diagnosed by a doctor?

I only say this because I've had similar thoughts that have been linked with OCD which have, just curious.


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Hi, welcome

My hunch is that your doubts could be associated with your past experiences with your ex and your father.

For that reason alone therapy of some sort would be beneficial