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I don/t know where to turn

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Just returned fro the trip of my life that has turned int an absolute nightmare. My partner and I embarked on a 42 day trip of Europe and after 2 days on the river cruise sector I suffered heart failure that layed me up for 3 days in bed. after that it was a struggle but I kept going with our itinerary which included driving a motorhome across France. Then making lots of connections to catch trains and planes for rest of the trip. I did have some issues, not helped by over zealous security persons in England. and I suppose I was'n't always the cheerful carefree person that I normally am . On return to Australia, my partner said she was leaving me, no discussion just that she wanted to travel more and I am "not up tp it"  she walked out on me and as a consequence I can no longer to rent the house we were in and I have spent the last few weeks in Hospital after being diagnosed with damage to my heart (I suppose it's broken in more ways than one) I returned home from hospital to find she has taken her stuff and with no idea where she,s gone. I am visited up to twice a day by community nurses for treatment and I honestly can't see any way out of my situation. spoke to the local Mental health team but they just said " it will pass" I really don't feel it's worth the effort any more, talk about kicking the dog while he's down !

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Blackhole what a horrible thoughless inconsiderate partner you had there you know what might of been better to find out what she was really like,. What happened to for better or worse or sickness and in health?  She is totally not worth it take yourself off to a GP and get a referral to a psych to help you deal with the depression its not going to go away on its own. Lets hope she doesnt get sick in the near future!!!!!  You know what your better off without her people like this are not worth it as i have found out in my life as i also have had lots of operations and physically am not 100% whoever didnt support me are no longer in my life. Worry about yourself now and put yourself first you deserve at least that.