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I can't cope dealing with someone close to me who has an alcohol problem

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Hi I'm new to this I feel I can't cope dealing with someone close to me who has an alcohol problem I've tried to help I work a lot very tired mentally and physically I'm scared of trying to survive financially independently I'm very depressed have been for a long time don't think there's any thing to look forward to I have two kids they are not young but I ok after all their needs I'm just scared of future it affects me a lot 
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Hi Flat, 

welcome to BB. 

I'm so sorry to hear you are going through such a tough time. Supporting people can be extremely hard and draining (I see how draining it is on my husband looking after me when my OCD plays up). 

Working can always be very very draining too especially when we are struggling in our private life. 

Is there anyone you can see about these issues. If you have a good GP, that's a great starting point! 

Please let us know more about your situation! 


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Champion Alumni
dear Flat, it is very difficult to help someone else while they use alcohol as there back stop, because they tend
to contact you if they are in need of money to buy their stocks of grog, so I'm not quite sure who this person is and
what relationship they could be to you.
I only say this because each person you know will affect on how you are coping and dealing with this situation, so it
would be good for you to get back to us. Geoff.