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Husband visited a brothel

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My husband visited a brothel with his friend while they were drunk.

I knew as a i have the same google account on both phones so his timeline showed he had been there and when i confronted him (indirectly), he wouldnt say anything but knew i knew.

I only just found out a few hours ago and my emotions are all over the place. We have two beautiful young boys..our 2nd baby boy is only 3 months old and so i understand he was eager to have sex or some sort of pleasure as I was just not ready after giving birth 3 months ago. Was i too harsh to let him wait that long? My hormones were just not there for it and breastfeeding was also making me feel less of an attraction.

Im just broken and need advice help pls..

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Community Champion


Firstly welcome to the forum but sorry under these circumstances.

congratulations on birth of your second child.
you will be busy looking after two children and coping with the changes birth and breastfeeding bring to your body and your emotions.

You wrote that you understood your husband was keen to have sex, did you discuss this ?

when you are not so upset would you be able to listen to him explain what happened and for him to listen how you feel.
I am sorry you feel this way, do you have someone to talk to.

please feel free to post here again as we are listening and you are not alone.

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Hi Mytk1921,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this. I can imagine this is a hard time for you as you have recently given birth and you have another son to take care of. Did you talk about sex with each other after giving birth? Have you tried to confront your husband again with the situation? You are assuming the worst in this situation but he might have went their with his friend, but didn't necessarily do anything. If he did however, it is no excuse for him to cheat on you. I think it is a very hard situation, but you need to talk to your husband. If you can ask a family member to watch the kids and go out together to discuss the issue. Hope this helps.

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I feel so much for you Mytk1921, I turned my husband down so many times in the past, according to him, now I am so lonely, we hardly speak and he doesn't touch me anymore. Sometime ago he said to me "you turned me down to much".

Have you been able to repair the situation between yourself and your husband? if so how? I am terrified my husband will eventually leave or will just cheat on me.