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Hurting my husband - inlaws

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Hi there. I have been off my antidepressants for 1 month - they were making me so nauseous when I changed another medication. Anyways besides the initial withdrawals (oi not nice!!) I have been feeling pretty good physically. And had lots of positive reactions from my counsellor when i came off meds which kind of surprised me (like whats wrong with meds?? But she wants me to FEEL my feelings). Im feeling better physically but am recognising old patterns.

Feeling VERY anxious at work and home. Internal shakes. Not sleeping. Clammy sweating. A huge trigger was an annual xmas holiday with the in laws where i just felt different and useless. I slept most of the holiday away.

Ive become very fearful of my husbands family again and have been avoiding them. Had a huge blue with hubby on the weekend about it with him saying “you never want to leave the house”.

I dont know if these are real feelings or if this is poor mental health in action. It has been a difficult relationship with my in-laws for years but like i said im having problems at work too. Common denominator=me??

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Hi Meowface (love the name by the way)...

Do you have another thread so we can get up to speed on your story?

Going by what you wrote I wonder why didn't they put you on a different medication? You don't sound very well if you are feeling so anxious you're unable to leave the house.

The comment your counsellor said about wanting you to feel your feelings to me is odd. My psychiatrist reassured me when I began medication that the point wasn't to numb my feelings. Just to help me be able to cope with them better.

If you are numb and unable to feel emotion to me that says wrong medication more than medication is not required at all. Have you considered a second opinion?

I don't have any ideas about dealing with your spouse (having problems of my own in that area unfortunately). But I am learning it is ok to ask to be shown the same care and courtesy you would give others. Maybe quietly tell your husband what you need now is patience and support as you're doing the best you can.

Please take care of yourself and I hope you feel able to share the name of your previous thread so we're able to support you better.


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Thank you so much for replying. I don’t have another thread actually - I came off medication when I was feeling nauseous with the pill. I didn’t talk to my dr but wasn’t really planning to be off it long - then my counsellor was so happy about it I felt bad for wanting to go back on them.

I think that kind of answers my questions...I need to go back and speak to Doc. Thank you again I appreciate your words. Ps hehe my name is a tribute to my love for cats....but I’m sadly allergic to them!!

Hi meow

I cant add much to Nat's post. But please google

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All the best. Repost anytime hete or in those threads

Tony WK