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Hurting and Alone

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I've recently had a miscarriage and didn't even know I was pregnant until it happened and my partner of 5 years thinks I am lying about it to 'get his attention'. I'm incredibly hurt at what he said to me as he was not supportive at all and accused me of lying. I can't understand why anyone would lie about such a devastating thing as this. He has made me feel so insecure in our relationship and I feel as though he is just going to end things. I don't have many friends or family around and am feeling so betrayed and heartbroken and don't even know what to do as he won't speak to me at all.

Wondering if anyone has been in a situation similar or how anyone would handle these feelings.

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Clo, welcome.

With two sides to every story and only hearing oone side it isnt eady but I'll try.

Trust and respect along with less critical issues like finances are essential to a happy long term relationship.

It seems trust was never there in the first place or was damaged along the way.

It is for you alone to decide if you can live without trust, most cant, a few can. If you are after a special soul mate?...you know the answer.

Moving out from a relationship takes bravery. After a short time you'll improve your mood about it and think clearer about your needs

Tony WK

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Champion Alumni
hi Clo, I have to agree with Tony, trust has not been respected which must be very disappointing, because when a lady has a miscarriage it's not only upsetting, but asking yourself how could this happen but the insensitivity coming from your partner where he might expect you to join him in a work function is certainly inappropriate.
Situations like this are not what a lady would lie about, and if he expects you to be intimate is not what you would even consider, because this will take how long it needs for you to be able to overcome this.
I'm sorry this has happened to you. Geoff. x