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How to help my son deal with not living his wife anymore

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My son told me today that he doesn't love his wife anymore .He does not know how to tell her as he is scared it will tip her over the edge .She has been suffering from severe anxiety for the past year and a half .She is having treat ment but nothing seems to be working .I can see it is taking its toll on him .Just want to help him deal with it .As i don't want him to have a breakdown as well .Anyadvice will be much apreciated
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Hello Muddywaters, and a warm welcome to you.
I'm so sorry that this has happened but now it's an awkward situation because with your daughter in law's anxiety will include depression and has been affecting the marriage between your son and wife.

It's a concern for you, simply because this could also pass onto your son, and when this happens, then it's effect will flow through to you and how you are coping, unfortunately with depression this can happen.
Your DIL should go back to her doctors and have her medication reviewed and before he tells his wife he doesn't love her any more, can I suggest that perhaps he move in with you, and go and see his doctor, who may suggest he start taking some medication and then refer him onto a psychologist, under the 'mental health plan', which entitles him to 10 free sessions per year.
I understand that his wife's anxiety maybe the problem, but she can't help it, but would like to know more about it.
I hope I haven't upset you in any way, and if so I totally apologise.

Know Geoff u haven't upset me .I just needed someone to talk to .I have suggested to my son that he goes to see someone .I thought maybe a relationship therapist and have a chat to beyond blue .My daughter inlaw has just started on new medication .He said he is going to wait and see how that goes .Thank u for listening

Hi Muddywaters, thanks for your reply and it would be a good idea for your son to ring BB on 1300 22 4636 just for direction.

Your DIL's new medication may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to kick in, let's hope it's earlier.

We only want to help you because some of us have been through exactly the same or very similar ourselves.

It's lovely to talk with you.