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How to ask a girl out while suffering from anxiety (social anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder)

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Hi everyone I am a 19 year old male and would like to ask for help

I suffered from very bad social anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder i also have very bad depression and find very difficulty talking to people. A bit about my life growing up I always felt lonely no matter what and I Do I nearly gave up hope a until I went to high school where I met this girl she was very beautiful I every time I look at her I felt happy and less lonely she given me energy to move on now it six year on and the closest I go to her was talking to her a few times and occasionally sitting next to her in class. After graduation we all we our own way I miss her and now feel lonely again so I decide to make a Facebook and add her but just by adding her I start to shake or nervousness but mange to do it and she accept which I am very happy about but now I want to ask her out but with little to no social skills I find it very hard I can't even talk to my relative normally let alone the girl I like so that why I am asking for help and would appreciate it a lot I feel that if she is with me my life will be a lot better Thank you in advance 😄

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Hello World

Welcome and good on you for posting too.....Its a huge step forward!

I understand your feelings as I used to be exactly the same as you are and yes its a real pain. I have had depression for years which does make asking a girl out difficult sometimes

I think you are amazing for reaching out and saying what you feel. You are stronger than you think.

As you know there is no such thing as a quick fix but there is something that just may help you re build enough of your confidence to feel a bit more comfortable approaching/talking to your friend.

I wasted over 10 years of my life not getting regular counseling for my depression thinking I could self heal.

If you can somehow even see your GP super frequently this will make a huge difference in building up your confidence and comfort levels with communication. The GP's have a lot better training now than they used to on depression and the awkward way it can make us feel

These forums are rock solid secure for your privacy and you are more than welcome to post as many times as you wish if you have any questions. There are many kind young people on the forums that can be here for you 🙂

my kindest thoughts


Hi thanks for your reply I have seen my GP where they recommended me to Headspace for help which I am currently doing right now.

Hi World

Thanks for posting back. You have a great attitude...already seen your GP and doing Headspace too 🙂

my kind thoughts