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How do I get over them?

Community Member

At the moment, I have the biggest crush ever on someone at work. We talk all the time at work, and he's sweet to me, completely my type and we flirt back and forth most days.

I think about him all the time, like almost obsessively.

Only problem being, he is married.

What can I do to try and get over this crush?
All it's doing it playing with my heart, considering he has a wife and nothing will probably ever happen between us.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for sharing your story.
When you are working closely with people at work , it is easy for conversation to start.
do you need to talk to him as part of your daily work or can you avoid him. If he flirts can you stop flirting.
It feels good when another pays attention. I wonder if he is a bit older than you.
You say you want to stop the crush an I think you can . Have you been talking to him for long.?

Take care and thanks for your honesty.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Ekoi,

This sounds like such a difficult situation to be in, I really feel for you!

I agree with quirkywords in that trying to avoid them and any flirting would be the best course of action as when you have less contact/ attention from someone you will be able to move on much easier.

Also, reminding yourself that the relationship is not realistic as they are already married and you putting yourself in between a marriage isn't an ideal situation.

I hope the best for you!