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How can they sleep at night???

Community Member

The guy who I suspect is having an affair with my seperate wife emails me today to say hi.

Is he a nutcase or what???

First he chases a married woman with two kids and then has the hide to do that??

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi lovemygirls

It isnt easy to fathom your thread. We dont know the whole story and primarily we are concerned with mental health not what seems to be relationship issues.

I dont think many people can comment on a statement that went two sentences.

Tony WK

Community Member

Hi there LMG


An email to say “Hi”.


Is that all it said?


Could it be possible that it might have been sent from the ‘ex’ who got his email and sent you a message?   


Either way, if it was her or him, I don’t know why they’d do that – but as for being a nutcase, I certainly couldn’t answer that.



It was all he said Neil, they live in different states. He is just stirring I guess.