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How am I you ask!

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Always worried about how others are and always asking how I can help them, sometimes I would like to be asked the same. Sometimes it’s nice to be told your loved or missed! Why, how and what can I do for people to ask me for a change? No one seems to listen when I even try to start.

Where does the conversation start?

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mocha delight
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I may not know you in person but if you ever need to talk I just want you to know I’m here for you plus I’m a very good listener 🤗

Community Champion
Community Champion


It is hard when you are someone who is always helping others to get someone to listen to you.

We are good listeners here. Write away , we are listening.


Thank you, I really appreciate your reply. It’s hard always asking others how they are, waiting until their last word to see if they will ask you. It’s frustrating, do people even know what I think on a day to day bases. I’m alone most of the time at home and it feels like that when I go to work. When you walk in the door and say hi to everyone because it’s polite but when you test it out no one actually says hello first the next day. I get my job is worthless and I don’t earn much money but you don’t treat people like they Are the Botton of the food chain. Sorry rant over

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Who.am.i

It would definitely be a bonus in life if we were all taught the skills in raising our self to higher consciousness and consideration. Unfortunately, we're going to be challenged here and there by those who don't feel the need to rise to consideration like we do at times.

I find the relationships I share with work colleagues has changed over time due to my changing approach to them. A simple thing I try to master involves genuinely finding something outstanding about each one and then engaging them by complimenting them on it. I love doing this and they typically love receiving the attention. Smiles all 'round. I have found that over time they naturally and genuinely ask how I am because they've come to care about the person (me) who cares enough about them to raise them to a smile. When people look to us often for one reason or another, they will notice any subtle mood changes in us.

If someone at work loves to whistle, tell them how much it lifts your spirits. If someone is wearing a colour you love, tell them how beautiful it is. If someone looks exhausted, zap them with an energising compliment. This could prove to be an interesting experiment. See how many people's attitudes change toward you, how much more attentive they are toward you. If nothing works, maybe it's time to consider changing jobs. It pays to be in an environment where people enjoy raising each other.

All the best 🙂