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Hello, First post here , Mum to 4 children Schizophrenia & autism , my Mum has schizophrenia ,and grandson autism

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Burn out is my middle name , I have had such a load with my families mental health that it has now put mine at risk and.i am on anti depressants.. suffer with overwhelm , migraines , osteo arthritis.. and anxiety . I wondering if anyone else has similar carer responsibilities that impact their own mental health and how one may deal and cope with it all.. I don't seem to get much time for me and even if I do I am constantly in the phone to support others .. thank you
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welcome,you will find many new friends here that totally understand you.

It would be very overwhelming having to look after and deal with others with MH.

It really stood out for me that you are crying out for me time,

You deserve to have that time and need to explain to everyone that you love them dearly but you need to recharge your batteries.

please keep posting and check out the other threads,and the social,you would get a lot out of them.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Jan and welcome,

I'm sorry to hear of how how much you are dealing with.

Under the 'all posts' tab there is a section called 'supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers)'. I'm hoping if you read through some of those threads or start a thead in that section you may find additional support from people experiencing the same as you as it is a little more specific.

hope this is of some help and I wish you well. Remember to look after you.

cmf x