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Heavily considering separating from my partner

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Hey guys... Me again.... Same old confused me!

I've been seriously thinking about moving out from my apartment with my partner and breaking up.
Really not sure how to approach this very much. I'm really just scared that 1. I might regret it and 2. How bad will the loneliness be?

It's a struggle at the moment but I don't feel ready to settle down so young and I just don't know if he's the right guy for me... A lot of the time I feel like he is but I also just want to explore other people to? And date? See who else is out there. I feel like I need to go on a self exploration adventure and just go and do stuff.

If you read my previous threads, you'll sort of get a better understanding of what kind of person he is. I feel quite tied down due to the fact that he has a criminal record. Any advice anyone? Please?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Lucidfox hi there and everyone ☺

Sounds to me hun that as confusing as it is for you and certainly it makes you feel insecure not knowing how the future will pan out that you I think know what you need atm.

I understand it's a hard decision but imo if you're feeling you want to spread your wings and that hes not the right bloke for you maybe follow your instinct. That inner voice is talking and guiding you I'm guessing.

Do you feel an options to move out and have a break from eachother. I think it's dangerous territory to continue if you're having reservations which is ok it's good to know other people to be able to work out what you want and need from someone.

I hope it goes well for you whichever path you choose.

Take care ☺

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It seems that you are looking for your boyfriend interest rather then yours. You need to spread your wings and fly. There is a whole new world out there with full of adventure that you wish to explore and discover that is good. It shows that you want to see things before you get tied down with one thing. I am so happy that you want to do that. Don't let anything take away that from you. You deserve to do things that you love and like. Stay by yourself at least it gives you time to think and you will realise what you want.