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Having a bad people day today

David Nobody
Community Member

Just needing to offload...

My ex wife is asking me for money, as Miss B needs to see a psychologist about her yr12 exam stress... I’m ok with the money, the issue is why it is needed. Inherited issues from me, or environmental/upbringing which is also down to me. So I'm 2 for 2 at breaking my children.

My ex partner is still wanting to be my “friend”, even though she “walked out on me” to deal with her own poo when I had just quit my job and was in hospital for a life extension. I can’t help thinking there is an ulterior motive, even though I “know” there isn’t one. Apparently she re-read my book and cried again, trying to decide which poems were about her. I felt like replying, they are about me not you... but didn’t.

My foot is too sore for me to go anywhere. Phantom pain/bruise at the rear of my left heel. I remember nothing. Not an “other people” problem, that is just me whingeing.

Tomorrow I have to take Miss B to a school trip meeting to find out what we need to buy her to survive Europe in a few weeks time.

The “job people” didn't ring/email today like they said they would.

And to top it off I have nearly run out of my backup long-life milk stash.

*sigh*... people tomorrow (today now), no sleep for you!

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi David Nobody

I see you'e been around for awhile David, with 87 posts attributed to you. I tried finding some of your posts to get a bit of a feeling of how to best support you. I wasn't successful in turning up any of them.

Having a vent is good. I like to do that too. Helps to get out what's bothering me so I can move on.

Is there anything we can do to support you further? I'm assuming you're seeing someone yourself about your circumstances?

Kind regards


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi David

Just found your thread. Paul and Tony have been giving you some great support. Awesome to see.

Life does have its challenges when we see the world differently to others. Interesting you see yourself as relearning all the time, I think everyone does this all the time. Things do not stay the same, they move on.

Perhaps, this isn't the same as you experience as someone who has had a Autism Breakdown as you put it. One thing I've learnt in my life is to let people be who they are. Your job as a BA for the airline must have been so stressful. Can completely understand what's happened.

To top it off it sounds like your marriage is no longer. Many stressors there for you. So I can understand your question now. Would I be right in thinking it's your view you are responsible for how your daughter is?

Do you want to talk about this?


Hi Pamela,

yeah, no, sorta kinda, not really... but ok, if you insist...

If you want to find my posts, just look out for the flowery (crap) poetry. I take it that each *moderator* has their own section of the forums to look after. Seems that I meet a new champion each different area I post in. Just an observation, that’s what I do, I see things and come to conclusions.

I don’t have anyone I can *talk* to. I manage to drive them away by being to *me*. So this is my current venting place. I used to write poetry/observations/rants for my own personal sanity. Took some stress away only to replace it with different stress. But children and relationships seem to be consistent in their stressness.

I have, and am, *seeing* various professionals. Autistic Burnout would have been a better term to use. Inability to do things I should have been able to do. Becoming physically ill instead of going to work. And becoming intolerant of intolerant people.

My marriage ended 10ish years ago. My last relationship ended 18ish months ago.

My children’s issues may not have been my fault, but they were my responsibility.


And the absolute worst movie that you can watch when feeling like this is Inside Out.