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Hard to cope all at once

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Recently saw a psychologist for my anxiety needs and depression, right now my family situation is changing real fast.

i live with my 2 older sisters and mum and her boyfriend, found out that my mum and her boyfriend are moving out and I'll be with my sisters.

my sisters both have jobs, me I'm 24 and never had a job because I let my anxiety hold me back for to long. I'm trying to find a job but my mums boyfriend doesn't want me living with them and my sisters telling me to get a job or I'm out on the street. It's a lot to deal with all at once and I'm scared I'll be kicked out on the street and all I see there for me is death.

I don't know what to do and I guess I'm looking for any advice or tip about keeping ur self motivated or determined? I feel that I'm 24 with no experience, who would hire me anyway.

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Hi Alien, welcome

You are experiencing an upheaval at the moment. Furthermore you are not positive and that could be a core issue.

Eg "I feel that I'm 24 with no experience, who would hire me anyway". So the hard question is - if at 24yo you dont think you are employable, does that mean for the next 40 years your situation wont change"

So, what avenues are open to you?

Well you could join the defense forces. Free medical, cheap board, a career, adventure and many friends.

You can actively seek work with a positive frame of mind.

The real issue here with regards to employment is attitude and while that seems harsh...its true.

There ate many motivation lectures and books that you can source that will motivate you. Will you seek them?

Here is one- use google

You only have to read the first post

Beyondblue Topic 30 minutes can change your life

I hope you find work. With the right approach you will...amd prove everyone wrong.


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Dear Alien

It is scary to feel you may be living on the streets if you cannot get a job. May I ask, do you get any money from CentreLink? If not perhaps you can apply for help. They will expect you to look for work but this may be good for you to have that incentive to apply for jobs.

Are you going to see this psychologist regularly? I think you need to talk about your skills and what you have to offer. Never having a job before may pose some difficulty in getting some work which you will need to work through. In the meantime ask yourself what you can do. After you left school did you complete any more study, e.g.university? Have you ever helped someone out with jobs? What sort of work are you willing to do?

Don't think of work as a complete package you must be skilled at. Often an employer will train new staff in the job they are expected to do, providing the person has some general skills, and is willing to work and learn. For example I know a girl who worked for someone who had his own lawn mowing business. The owner taught her how to mow etc and she worked with him on the days he required. Experience does not mean you know everything, just be willing to learn.

I'm not certain what to say about your accommodation. Do you contribute to the household rent and groceries? Do you help in the house? If your mom has been supporting you financially it will be hard to now pay your share, which is why I asked about CentreLink.

I know anxiety can be hard to live with but you are faced with a situation where you need to put aside your anxieties and show you are able to work. Can you see the psychologist a bit more often in order to address these needs? I remember interviewing a girl who quite literally was trembling all through the interview. I felt so sorry for her and tried to put her more at ease. I think she got the job. It's not impossible. My son used to clean my friend's home for her and she paid him. They were both happy. Starting with small jobs to gain your confidence is a good way to go.

Please continue to write in here. I'm sure others will give their experience and advice.


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I hope you all get this reply, I'm sorry that it is long overdue. You all do deserve a reply.

I recently got on Centrelink and starting volunteering work next week. I also getting enrolled to a certificate III in commercial Cookery on Monday. I talked a lot about how I'm feeling to my doctor and it feels good to let everything out like that.

I want to try being a chef and trying to find work as part time or casual in kitchen hand, or any job to experience the kitchen industry. I believe I'm doing okay so far, I learned to look forward and keep busy and sort out what to do next.

Thank you all for the replies, sorry for not replying much sooner. I was in a bad place and trying to move forward now.


Fantastic news. Well done.

Cooking is a good career.

Best of luck.