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grief over depressed partner leaving

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Hi! My partner of six years moved out this week saying he could no longer be with me. He says he still cares for me but cannot cope living with me and my kids as a family any longer. His decision seems to have come at a time when I have observed his depression worsening, increased alcohol use and a general withdrawal from activities which may help lift his mood. He seems to blame me and the relationships with me and my kids for his worsening depression. He has refused to seek assistance for his negative thoughts and for a number of weeks has been saying he is a waste of space and will always be. It is so hard to accept his leaving when he is so down and the hurt of his rejecting and pushing me away is immense even though I sense it is his depression talking. Now I am in full blown grief and struggling to let go of him when I do not want to...
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

So sorry to hear this Aram, I am glad you have posted and you will get support and advice here. In fact it might be worth ringing the Beyond Blue phone service to get a professional opinion on how to best move forward.

Does your partner have any friends you can contact? And do you have friends or family that can look after your children so you can have a break? Obviously it would be great if your partner could seek some help to feel better, see if it is the 'depression talking.' Love to you.