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G.E.T.S Good Enough To Steal

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I am interested to hear if anybody else suffers from this issue.Tarantino coined the phrase good enough to steal.He said he got a lot of good ideas from other people.I am not sure if I am being paranoid or senstive.I write short stories which I share with family and friends.I also share music and movies .I feel I am sharing " A PIECE " of me ,they are my personal stories and taste.Mostly I receive little feedback,,occassionally a compliment.But what really gets to me is that some pass on my personal stories to others with no recognition to me.I feel like they are stealing my life .Am I sensitive ,I never receive any return stories are my expectations too high?Should I stop sending my personal stories .It almost feels like I dont exist ,is it a subtle put down.It really affects my self esteem.Love to hear if others experienced a similar issue CW
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Community Champion

Dear Clownartist~

I've read your other two threads dealing in part with the problems you have with members of your family.

Forums / Depression / Dealing with depression and anxiety
Forums / Relationship and family issues / Dealing with convert narcissists

Perhaps I misunderstand but under those circumstances why share intimate portions of your psyche to them? I agree it is thoughtless and rude to pass on your works, and to do so unacknowledged. Perhaps you need to emphasize the privacy issues, even a copyright notice -or is that overkill?

My own belief is that people make works of art for basically a couple of reasons, to please themselves, and/or to communicate with a person or group in a way that is more effective than the norm.

Would you agree and which do you feel motivates you?

As an aside I'd think it always unlikely if you offer a work you will get one back in kind, a great many people are not artistic in that way and also it may simply never occur to them.

Perhaps you have the wrong audience. A blog, such as on Wordsmith, is a good way to communicate, and allows you to include images too. There are techniques for popularizing your blog so it reaches an audience greater than one, the same applies to YouTube for videos.

If you wanted to jot down some brief happy memories from your life you can do so here:

Forums / Staying well / Store Your Happy Memories Here:

Obviously you will not receive accreditation other than as Clownartist and would not be able to publish them in your own name elsewhere for anonymity reasons, however you might find it helpful, both for yourself and others who may read them when feeling less than good.

If you do I promise to acknowledged them:)


Hi Croix, you brought up some excellent point.I question myself why

Hi Croix ,you raised some excellent points . I question myself why I send them to family/friends.I think I am seeking validation/recognition and also recall family stories good and bad.Your point about asking for privacy /copyright is also good.Its interesting also that some people are just not "creative"I am being too harsh on people .I find it sort of therapeutic good and bad,as you said it may be a means to express myself.It is funny you recommended a blog ,a good mate said the same .Unfortunately you are dealing a total luddite here. I will try again and see if I can post on the forum a few stories.Thank you Croix for the sensible advice.My most admired writer Hemingway said "There is nothing to writng,all you do is sit down at a type writer and bleed" Clownartist

Hi Clown Artist,

Intresting question.

Im a designer by trade, and I look to “reference” material from others for my projects. Stuff in magazines, contemporary trends etc.. Most of the time not seeking to re-invent the wheel but Picking up on new bits that can add to my projects wholistically.

i also heard the other day that the Rolling Stones released bitter sweet symphanies signature intro sound back “the verve”, look it up, it’s an intresting topic that relates to your thread.

I think they call it samplers? In the music industry, plenty of bands have used references from others to construct their songs.

But I also do like to re-invent the wheel on occasion.

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I should add, I didn’t reference your family at all, so probably didn’t pay enough attention to the details of your thread, I got caught up with the industry aspect of it all.. I hope to read one of your published stories one day

Hi Billyc.is that amazing I heard that story about the Rolling Stones and Bittersweet Symphony.The Stones collected royalties for 20 years from the song and returned all the money to the band this year!!.I agree nothing is really original I collect like a magpie diferent things that appeal to me.I use "fragments" from my life experiences. I really enjoy reading good stories from writers and sit back and say God I wish I wrote that .You didnt have to reference the family its more about creative souls who are always questioning their work Thanks Billyc .I could be the next Tim Winton dream on Clownartist

Hi Clown,

It is amazing to see how the Rolling Stones said, it was never about the money, now we know it is about what we contribute to the world, collectively in a positive manner.

The other I can think of was Napster V Metallica.

it was the music industries version of the WIKI leaks saga..

If you want a chance to be like Tim Winton, Type in google “Tim Wintons agent” find her website and there’s a space where at times they allow you to submit your work for review. If you have a good story, then try it out, you never know...

Hi BillyC you be a music nut like me .I often think if i could back as a musician who would it be ,probably that old curmudgeon Van Morrison or maybe Robert Smith /Cure.Just better looking ha ha..Hey thanks for that tip I will try it out . I am sort of stuck for ideas on who to approach for maybe looking at my short stories.Thanks again CA