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Frightened for my granddaughters.

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 My son has manic depression, anxiety, paranoia, and is narcissistic. Twelve months ago, he packed up his family, wife and two daughters, and moved out of state. One granddaughter is very ill, and was hospitalised this year. I was not told this had happened, or allowed to go and see her after I found out from friends. If I send and email, asking to have contact, I receive back abusive emails. I am so concerned about the girls welfare, but do not know what to do. 
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I'm so sorry, it must be really hard, not knowing how your granddaughters are. It is probably more then hard, your heart must be just aching. I long to be able to help you, but I would not know how to. But I do care. Are you able to go to the police? I am unsure if they handle things like this though..... What about other family or friends, could they assist you at all? Gosh, I wish I could give you more answers or something. Maybe someone else on these forums could advise you more.

Many, many hugs to a grandmother who cares

Shelley xxx

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dear Nothing.left, what an awful situation you are placed in and very difficult to be able to cope with, I can really sympathise for you.

I'm not sure how his wife feels about all of this and I'm sure the grandchildren wouldn't have wanted to leave you, so how was the relationship between you and his wife, I only say this because is there any way for you to be able to contact her, because I would believe that she would be finding the whole situation distressing, especially if he is narcissistic and paranoia.

I would truly love to hear back from you, because your concern is own problem now and want to help you. Geoff.