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Friends contact and communication

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Hi All,

I have a few friends/acquintances who never or very rarely contact me. I'm someone who craves regular contact and communication with friends.

Further to this, I don't make friends easily and people don't approach me to be friends. I also belong to a church where there is lacking fellowship / personal contact but due to beliefs I feel this is where I should be.

I wonder if others had any thoughts, specifically men or those who work with / minister to men. Is this normal for Men? I'm sick of the excuse of "everyone is busy" and it drives me crazy! I realise people ARE busy and might have different expectations/priorities, I just wonder if this is normal? Do I have high and unrealistic expectations? Am I expecting too much from others?


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Hi, welcome

Yeh, I get the "I'm busy" excuse

Got it a month ago from a school friend of 43 years. Whats worse is he didnt tell me, he got his wife to, in a message.

I dont know the answer really. People now are less reliant on others, more private and less tolerant. Some are more guarded.

In your case you could add another church to your routine or alternate them. Clubs could be tried. Often hobbies eg vintage cars, model airplanes etc are the glue that connects friends.


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Hi crazy lion ,

I am in your exact situation.

In my 30’s & before kids I had heaps of friends. Fast forward 10 years I have put all my time & effort into my young kids & friendships have faded away people have moved or gotten divorced & I have hardly any left

it is hard making new friends

To make an acquaintance into a close friend takes a lot of time & effort

i crave a close buddy like you see on tv & in movies but in reality someone to hang out with occasionally is a good start