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forever alone

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title says it all

this will be me for life...

I'm 23 and feel like it'll be this way forever

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Champion Alumni

Hey HamSolo01,

I swear I'm not stalking you my friend but I keep finding your threads and they all say the same thing today... in a bad place right now.

That's ok. It's normal to have days where you feel utterly lonely and isolated, down on yourself and like noone will ever love you. That's just a human feeling that you don't even need to be depressed or anxious to feel. My point is it's alright to feel this way.

What is a worry though is how you seem to have had a few really good days and then this massive plummet of self esteem. Can I ask what happened? As always feel free tell me to get lost.

Ok lets take another approach....

Just take it as a given that you have features another will find appealing. We have discussed this. You just can't see the good right now but it's there.

What are you doing to enable yourself to meet someone? What are your hobbies? Sports? Belong to a club? Take a class each week?Regular at an activity?

Realistically people meet a partner in a few ways... online, at a regular activity, through friends/family/work, or a random meeting. Random is unrealistic if you're anxious. You seem unwilling to let a friend or family member set you up and you've said online isn't for you at the moment. So that leaves activities. So what are you doing? You need to get yourself out there if you're going to meet someone 😊. Plus keeping busy and having interests is good for depression apparently.

Food for thought. Also I stand by my other comment about recognisig triggers and going back to your medical team.

You are not going to be alone forever HamSolo01.

These feelings today will pass. Tomorrow you try again. And keep trying. Just take care of yourself please.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi HamSolo

You have many people on the forums that have provided great support, which is the primary function of the forums.

I hope you can continue to post on your original thread so posters are aware of your background without duplicating your original thread thus avoiding confusion with having two threads

Doing so will also give newbies a chance at creating their own thread too!

Looking forward to seeing you back on your first thread Solo

My Best


Thanks everyone for your contributions. As blondguy has mentioned, we ask users to keep to one thread per topic, so we're going to close this one off - you can continue this conversation in the original thread below:

I just feel like I have no chance