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Finding it hard to let go

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My boyfriend is currently trying to quit smoking pot and im having a really hard time dealing with his moods. We had an argument a couple of days ago and ive tried reaching out to him to talk but he is angry and responds rudely to my attempts to talk. I feel like a punching bag and dont know how to stop stressing about it all. I have generalised anxiety disorder so when things like this happen it goes through the roof and i try to get things back to normal as quick as i can cos i hate stress. Can anyone give me ideas on how to cope with this situation?


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi. Welcome to beyond blue.

Sorry to read about what you are going through currently. Not being in your or your partners position I am not sure what exactly I can do to help you but I am listening. That said, I did hit the Internet and found that mood swings are not unusual.

The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) has resources you might find useful. Although be aware that some links on the site go nowhere. Not sure how you speak with your partner about his problem but if you can find the "ncpic resources" there are documents that might help.

As for you, it is all about managing and knowing your triggers etc.

Do you know what your triggers are?
Do you have any distraction and coping mechanisms?
Are you sleeping OK? Good sleep hygiene can help reduce anxiety/depression?

On the forums you will find other threads to help you manage including...

Three things to be thankful for today - Beyondblue
Grounding yourself, What is it and how do you? - Beyondblue
Relaxation exercises - Beyondblue

(Hopefully the information the information these pages will give you some ideas.) Do a google search to find the above pages. My psychologist has also given me other tools, suggested apps to install my phone (only 2) and a 1 book to read. If you have any questions or want to chat, please let me know.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi there Anne this is a tough one. It takes a lot to quit and to quit weed can be very hard. I recently quit smoking so I know the hell he faces all you can do is be nice gentle with him he won't like being told this or that just let him know your there tell him he is doing great even if he is not it will help see him through.