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Feeling very alone

Community Member

Hi all I'm new to page and needing help

Me and my partner just spilt and we have a one year old I have no family and no support I'm lost on what to do. I don't have friends and don't speak to anyone I just thinking I need help right now but don't know where to turn to.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Rombom

Im Paul and there are many gentle people that can be here for you too!

I am really sorry about your split up. The same painful split happened to me in 2015 and I still feel the pain. I understand your grief. Its a bad place to be in.

The forums are a safe and judgemental place for you.

you are not alone here in any way Rombom

I hope you can post back when convenient for you

my kind thoughts


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Rombom and welcome,

I'm sorry for you situation, I have been in a similar one.

can you contact your Maternal & child health nurse and ask about options for support? Alternatively your local council may be able to help with info. Do you go to to a playgroup or mother's group? It is a good way to meet other mum's and gain support that way.

i hope this helps.

cmf x

Community Member

Hi Rombom.

I'm also feeling the same isolation with no family support around. I have a 7yr old daughter and 3yr old son. I try to reach out through my daughter'sschool. Have you used the Meetup app? It's designed to put you in touch with groups of people in similar situations.

(Excuse I for hijacking your post Rombom)

Thankyou Bexta 1980 and Welcome to the forums!

My kindest


Community Member
Feeling alone sucks. I run through the names of people I know, and for each one I think of a reason not to contact or reach out to them... And then I feel more isolated. Contact someone. Message someone. Anyone. Ask a question. Say you need to talk to someone. It is hard, but it is the first step, and it works.

Community Member

Hi RomBom....

I am new here too....joined after separating from my husband after being together 22 years. We have 2 children 14 and 11.

I find it hard to even begin a post of my own, but wanted to acknowledge yours given you are braver than I.

I really hope you find some support here that you are seeking.

Remember that everyday you get through gives you strength to tackle the next.