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Feeling down after losing a friend

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I've just been blocked by a close friend after an argument where I called her out on her lies to me. She was an only friend actually, as I don't have any since moving to this city. She decides to block me on all our communication platforms saying that there's no point in us being friends anymore and that she wishes me the best. This has happened before and she ended up unblocking me but ever since then our friendship has been unstable. This time however, it feels final. The reality of it is just kicking in and it feels like grief. I struggle with depression too so I'm not taking this particularly well. Do you think there's a chance the friendship can be saved after a cooling off period?
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That Other Guy
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The honest question is, if it's been rocky, should it and would it be best for you? It's hard, I also form few, intense friendships and I've lost a few friends this year and found it difficult. I've kind of learned to not expect anyone to hang around, enjoy friends while they last, and have strategies to enjoy my time alone

Realistically, no. I think I'm just afraid to be alone again. What do you do to keep yourself occupied when you find yourself in those alone periods? I used to be ok with it but after her, the loneliness seems crippling. Feels like it's going to take a lot of time to heal from this one.

Oh, I hear you. I have massive issues with insecurity and loneliness. Personally, I read books and I play guitar and I love to cook. I've found things I enjoy that I can dive into when I feel myself starting to feel distressed and alone. And yes, I've made close friends that felt like the person I'd waited my whole life for, so moving on from that is certainly hard, I'm not pretending it's not. I guess for me, I just recognise I have no other choice, and I try to press on. I still have down days, but one thing I learned in the last year is that I AM worth something, and I deserve to have myself in my corner at least, fighting for me.