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Feeling defeated

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Hi I’m new here I separated from my partner a year ago and in that time I’ve tried to meet her expectations but unfortunately about a month ago she started seeing someone else and I really wanted her back. So I tried and tried and about a week or two ago she left him to try and start over with me but we had a bid argument lastnight and I don’t know what to do I love her so much and want to fix everything please help me
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Champion Alumni
Hi Breezy104,

Welcome to the forums.

Relationships are tough and it can be difficult to let go of them. Especially if we feel like we can fix it.

Have you guys considered a couples counsellor? They would be able to help both of you work through any issues and clarify what you're both feeling.

Kind thoughts, Jess

Hi jess

thanks for replying yeah I have been trying to go to counseling but during this time it’s hard plus we have a daughter we have to work around

Hello Breezy, if this is something that keeps arising between the two of you, then it would be a good idea as Jess has said to have a third person arbitrate so a decision can be made.

These expectations need to be accepted both ways, one way will only cause some disharmony, but you both love each other and that's great.

Take care.