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Enjoy your life and loved ones.

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Enjoy your life and loved ones. 🌹💥

Some people don't appreciate what they have until it's gone or their life is altered in some way. Apart from my own life alterations and voids, I am reminded everyday how precious people are in our lives. Some more then others because some people treat family and friends like objects. Throw away objects. Sometimes the only protection from hurt we have is to walk away from those toxic people. But when I see posts of loved ones dying, in pain or dealing with their own voids from the past it makes me think, what the hell is wrong with these insensitive, materialistic jerks?

We can't always repair the rifts in our families or friendships, but those that are aware of how precious life is....hold those loved ones close to you. Time is limited. For some more then others. My heart sympathises with those that have lost loved ones permanently. And for those that have tossed others aside like trash I would love to smack upside your head, but it won't do any good. You won't know until your heart is ripped from you how it feels.

I shed tears everyday for my voids. I shed tears for others. But for those insensitive materialistic toxic jerks, I do not. Everyday that you allow that void open because of your pride, shows how small and petty you are. After this rant, I shall release your negative vibes to the universe, may you never hurt anyone I care about ever again and one day, may your actions haunt you in your sleep.

Everyone else, hold your precious love in your heart and share with those deserving. Keep your loved ones close and your circle in trust, hope and faith. May the future be better for those deserving or in need. Love, light and pixie dust sprinkled on your rainbows.

Celebrate love and laughter. Make everyday count. 🌹💥🌺😍😎
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Ms weeza

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for your thoughtful post reminding us about our lo appreciate our

loved ones and how to appreciate them every day.

The thing is unless we have lived what others have lived op it is often hard to judge others.

There are two sides to most situations.

My mum died 17 years ago and my dad 11 years ago and Immiss them every day.

Thanks again for your post.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Ms Weeza and a very warm welcome to the Beyond Blue forums.

I see you've posted before, however, I've not been able to find them.

How lovely your post is. It's wonderful to get such an uplifting post for everyone out there who is hurting. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Yes, you are so right people are so precious. To hold loved ones close is such a beautiful thing.

You think there are some who are not so deserving. Well, yes, there are some who have caused pain to others. I like to think/believe that these people were also abused/suffered in their lives too. It doesn't make it right what they do though does it.

The community here is very caring, friendly, supportive and non judgemental. If you want to share more of your story, please do. However, there is absolutely no pressure for you to do so.

Keep reaching out. You're not alone.

Kind Regards


ThankYou Quirky,

I don't think we should judge others at all. Regardless if we've been there or not. I've found people to be really judgemental when they've had similar experiences at times as they think it's the same for everyone. We all hurt similar, yet different. We all love similar, yet different. And we can be cruel judges when it comes to love and pain.

I looked after both my parents (only daughter and youngest to older gen parents) from preteen till 34 when they both died in 2004. 7 mths apart. I miss them everyday too.

Ive also found that there can be 3 sides to every story. Mine, theirs and reality. Sometimes the truth can be blurred so it allows us to lash out at others. Most of the time we don't realise what we had, until it's gone. Or what we did or didn't do. So we carry our grief with us. Sometimes doing more harm then good.

Sorry, I think I was off on a tangent in my own head. Been there a lot lately. Doesn't seem to be getting easier and I can't make sense of it.

nice to meet you 😊

Community Member

ThankYou PamelaR,

I like writing although sometimes the headspace is so tangled I can't seem to put into words. Sometimes those words get misunderstood as others see from a different perspective (naturally) , but some just the bad in me. That's what hurts the most. Yes I'm an adult, yet my heart hasn't grown with my head. It can break with words and actions. I think some of that is because I skipped most of a normal childhood.

Unwanted attention via a sibling and bullying, then the duty to look after my parents. A mother myself at 18 and so forth.

Sorry, the mind goes blank sometimes.

I tried sharing a few things I wrote yesterday, but must have placed in the wrong forum as they were rejected. I know this isn't a story telling place but sometimes I just wish to share, hoping that I can make a difference even if it's just one person, it's more then none.

I like helping, then the anxiety and depression kicks in and I can close down, back away. Just do my own thing, like if there's no one else around. Then snapped back to reality.

Thank you for the kind words 😊