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Empty Nest?

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First timer here…..My adult daughter and her partner have told me they will be moving interstate shortly. I am absolutely devastated and do don’t know how I am going to cope..outwardly I am putting up a brave front but inside I am heartbroken. I just cannot imagine how I am going to live without her not being in the same city as us. I know that I do not see her everyday or every week for that matter. We do not have any other children and have no other family where we live. I do have a “life” of my own and want to be happy for my daughter and her partner but at the same time I am petrified. My husband simply says you can always just hop on a plane and go and visit her, but that does not help. I know that I can do that. It is just this awful fear that they are not going on holiday, they are leaving for good and not coming back!!! I feel some anger towards my daughter and her partner that they are leaving and want to be supportive but am finding it very difficult. All of her partners family live in the town that they are relocating to. I feel like we are being abandoned. So many mixed emotions at the moment. I am really struggling…..


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Hi, welcome

It's very sad this new situation. I don't know the distance between your location and where they are heading to? Can you consider relocating half way?.

How long before you both retire? Some retirees like caravanning and visit for a few weeks at a time perhaps on their way to a holiday destination.

I'm aware, being ex Defence person, the hurt family members go through in similar situations. So it is common but that doesn't help you. I did know of a father of a young family with children. He loved his grandkids so much he'd follow them around Australia and resettle just to be close by.

I'd be interested in other members ideas.


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I am sorry you feel upset! It is only natural to feel scared and sad that your child is leaving.

But maybe this is the best choice right now for your child's happiness and future?

I am sure visits will happen so they will come back to see you. In the meantime, video chat is amazing.

Keep your head up.