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Hi I am at a loss as what to do my wife drinks pretty much
every second day starts around four pm stopes around two or four am the next
day she can be ok as if nothing happened sum days she is grumpy when she isn’t
drinking she is pretty level headed but when she drinks he gets angry everything
comes to a head I can’t reason with here she will through things of mine outside
or in the rubbish we can be getting along ok but when she starts to drink I don’t
know what to do so stay out of here way but when I get up in the morning to go
to work things my thing ere in the bin ore outside.

I have asked here not to drink as things get out of hand I won’t
drink as I don’t want to get here started Our kid are all grown up but she
started when they were little but she only drank allot once a month but over
the years it’s got more consistent.

I love my wife we have be married for 33 years but this
thing is making me more distant to here as I don’t know what to do.
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Dear behappy.  Sorry to be so blunt, your wife is an alcoholic.  You need to ring AA or Al Anon, the second one is for families of alcoholics.  Is she on medication, if she is, coupled with drinking, it's a dynamite situation.  You both need help, but until your wife asks for help, the only thing you can do, as I said, is phone Al Anon.  Does she drive, is she in danger in any way?  Do you know what started the drinking problem?  Try phoning AA as well, they will put you in touch with the relevant people. 

Best of luck.