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Daughter Hates Herself

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I don't know how to deal with my 15 year old daughter. I was her when I was younger but not to this extreme, she is 163cm and weighs 56ish kilos, she absolutely detests herself and does not want to go out in public. She goes to school in her uniform because its huge and covers her body, as she informs me. She has a problem with her thighs and she is absolutely beautiful, she isn't anyway over weight but in her head this is what she believes. I do blame myself a little as I was this way, I tried very hard to make sure when they were little girls that I was not judge mental of myself as she was growing up, my oldest daughter is not like my youngest daughter at all, very opposite actually.  I have spoken to her and I have tried, but she has cried and cried so much, that I have suggested maybe counselling to help with her with her body image. I don't want her wasting the next 20 years of her life worrying about her body. She is gorgeous inside and out, but" im her mum and that's what im supposed to say" quoted by her.

This is only a brief, she really does hate herself and I don't know how to deal with it.


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Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums. I am glad you are talking about this, I think you will find many people on here who have had similar experiences to you and your daughter.

I don't think you should expect yourself to know how to deal with your daughter's recovery, I'm no doctor but I would think that it would be a complex situation that only a trained professional can decipher to find appropriate treatment. So I think your role is to assist her to seek help and to support her in recovery. Could she visit her school counsellor? Or you take her to a GP, a psychologist or a counsellor in your area. You can both utilise the BB phone service, it's free and 24/7, they could give you some advice to make a start. There is youthbeyondblue.org.au as well, if there is a way of making your daughter aware of this. It is certainly important that your daughter has a recovery plan so she can make small steps towards feeling better.