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Connecting to society

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Hi Gremz,

I know where you are coming from, sometimes it feels like you are alone in the world, and the only people you see are your work mates, it's a nice break from solitude but it's not what you want, after work it's back to our solitude.

There is a way around this, since my divorce I have felt more isolated than ever, and I have looked into social groups on the Internet. Your local council can give you some information as well, as well as the site we are on.

Have you come across any good social sites on the Internet, not the superficial ones but the ones that will have a positive effect on your life. You need to carefully scrutinise them, find one that suits your needs.

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Hey Adam,

Thanks for the reply. I have reached out to social sites once or twice and I did actually really enjoy it. 
After trying for so long to recreate a social life, it is now flourishing. And that's what's confusing. Its like I am surrounded by people but there is some sort of wall between us that only I can see. I feel just as alone at home as I do at a party or visiting my family.

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I hope you are no longer feeling isolated. I believe that community/belonging is one of the most important parts to a good mental health.