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Hi all need advice been in a relationship for 2 years now sparks flew straight away we both have kids from previous relationships we get on good with each others kids to the point I've done everything to make her feel loved but the other day she said she needed a break from the kids she wanted to have a couple of drinks with her friends I said OK I'll watch the kids at her house and she said she might not be back home till morning etc we had a little argument she dropped me home she picks me up from work and pulls up at her place and says I can take the car I said no just drop me home didn't she flip no call for 2 days then she come around to drop my wallet off I asked for a lift to work and as she was taking me to work she says I don't think its working out its not u It mite be me this hit me hard its new years night to so she's out drinking and all these things are running through my mind she doesn't answer my call or text she know I treat her like a queen but flowers etc I can't live without her and its making me feel like crap a lot of bad stuff running through my head 
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Hi onedge    

At this time of the year relationships can take a knocking. I don't know how you usually get on but is it possible that the Christmas and New Year period are making things tough.  Perhaps things will sort out when things get back to normal.      

Take care,  Helen 

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Hi onedge,

Welcome to the forum!

It's great that you and your partner have laid a great foundation for a happy relationship, and both care about each other's children. It sounds as though your partner is frustrated and stressed at the moment, perhaps because a new year is starting, which can cause apprehension. When you both have a less busy moment, try sitting her down and asking whether she wants to talk about anything. This may sound obvious, but is sometimes overlooked when people are busy. If you don't mind me asking, does your partner usually drink much in general, or around this time of year? If going out and drinking for hours is uncharacteristic of her, then perhaps she is unhappy or worried about something. Has she ever suffered from depression?

Talking to her to find out what is going on is a good first step.

Best wishes,


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Thanks sm I hope it is just the new year and Xmas she gave up drinking for 5 to 6 months i rang her this morning and she sounded happy abit grog sick lol should I give her space and wait for her to ring me