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Christmas & Grandchildren you cannot visit

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I wondered if there is anybody else on the Forums who have had to cope with not being able to personally hand their Grandchildren their Christmas presents. My son who is currently separated from his wife is still going through the Mediation process to put a Parental Plan in place. He will probably see his two boys Christmas Day and can certainly pass the gifts on but I am afraid my husband and I won't. Our Grandchildren are two and three years old and we have not seen them for seven weeks. I was thinking of putting a laminated photo of my husband and myself on top of the presents. ....would that be appropriate or should I just hand the presents to my son to pass along with us knowing we had remembered them even if they didn't know who the gift was from.
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Valued Contributor

Hi there

While I haven't been in this position, I feel for you. That must be very hard. I hope the access process is not too drawn out for everyone's sake. I think family is important and I love the idea of popping a photo on top the presents. Best wishes, and I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Kind thoughts, Katy

Thank you Katy for your kind reply. I think I will put a photo on top....they are young but not too young not to remember us. We saw them every week before the breakup. Our son is working hard on the mediation process so I hope he is successful in getting the Parental Plan in place soon. We are sad but hanging in there. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas 😊


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Hey there! It’s been a while since your last time here. How’re you doing? Have you managed to see your grandchildren? I really hope you have.

I had a similar situation, actually.  

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Hello FeathersnFluff, unfortunately this happens with me as my son and his ex are divorced and they live a couple of hours away.


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