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Can’t understand why

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Hi I’m Di I can’t understand why I keep have anxiety over things that are t even happening I’m so panicked all the time that something is wrong with my fur babies that he bothers my partner the thought of going to work makes me feel sick and having no money is not great all the time but since moving so far away from my family I don’t feel connected anymore my partner can’t understand what’s wrong with me I don’t understand I use to have an amazing doctor back in Sydney but since I have moved I havent found a new doctor or made any new friends I ended up in hospital lasts week due to a bad reaction and was publicly shamed at work for it I honestly wished I never moved I had a good support group friends family and a good hour job where my dogs never suffered I am weird for feeling this way?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

HI Di and welcome to the forums. I haven't seen you on here before 🙂

I know how frustrating it can be to find a new doctor you like post moving. I moved states last year and it took me two doctors (just for minor things but knew they couldn't be my perminant doctor) till I found one I liked enough to discuss my mental health with. But it is work finding someone you can really open up to. I suggest looking up local doctors in your area and seeing if any of them have an interest in mental health. That is how I found my doctor.

You do not sound silly for having these fears. I myself have GAD and have feelings like this all the time. It is a common issue to have with anxiety. Not everyone may understand this feeling but I do. I try do some self reassurance. I tell myself 'my fur babies are ok, this is my anxiety talking, they will be ok, I will see them again in a few hours'. I know it may sound silly but you will begin to believe it.

I suggest finding a gp you like in your local area and maybe getting a mental health care plan so you can see a psychologist with some medicare funding. They can teach you how to deal with your anxiety and how to mange it. I found it really useful for myself.

With making new friends and finding a new support group do you have any hobbies. I myself have started going to the gym and started doing triathlons for fun. I started to make friends at my local gym and through my triathlons. Maybe you could join a team or sport and see if you can make friends but doing something like this. If not keeping yourself busy can also be good for you anxiety. I found since exercising more my anxiety has gone down.

Hope this has been helpful. Let me know if you have any questions as I am an open book