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Can anxiety cause higher levels of jealousy??

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I recently started dating a guy and things were going great and he was acting like he wanted to be with me (even inviting me to meet his family) until we slept together and I started thinking that he was going to leave. I projected so many nervous and anxious feelings on him and pointing out the smallest changes which would have pushed him away. I got jealous of his female friends and could tell he found that confronting and told me he wasn't looking for anything serious. I wasn't this jealous with my ex, can my new diagnosis of anxiety be creating more jealousy.
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Hello Jaffa

Welcome to Beyond Blue. Thanks for your post.

Anxiety and jealousy are not necessarily linked in general, but I would suggest that your situation is a bit like the chicken and egg, which comes first. If you have become anxious about something or have a general anxiety disorder it's very easy to to start doubting yourself and others. What if... is a common situation, not only in relationships but in our personal lives. Just as you get anxious about others so you can become anxious about yourself, about your confidence, looks, work, and practically anything you can think of.

It's quite normal but is very distressing to the person concerned. How did you get your diagnosis of anxiety? Did you go to your doctor or someone else? If you were given this information by your doctor, did he/she recommend talking to a counsellor? If your anxiety is affecting your life and friendships to this extent it may be very helpful to talk to a counsellor. Your GP can help you with this.

Meanwhile, have you talked to your BF about your feelings? I don't mean questioning him about his other relationships, but about what is happening to you. Tell him you are not usually like this, that you have become anxious lately and you are finding it difficult to manage as this has not happened to you before. I would hope he will be supportive of your efforts. At the very least he will know you are not trying to monopolise him. Give it a try and do talk to your GP again.


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Hi Jaffa,

Just want to wish you luck in finding your answer.