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Breaking up

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Hello, my partner and I recently had a huge fight and now he's wanting to leave me, but we haven't broke up yet. We've been together for 7+ years and I'm devastated. He's my best friend, and I feel so hopeless right now. I haven't been sleeping well, tossing and turning then waking up stressed thinking about what will happen. It's distracting me from work, I start to shake sometimes and have been breaking down a lot. I can't enjoy or do the things I like either due to thinking about it constantly.
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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi Erica. Welcome

Many of us have been there. Some with young children too.

If thete is any hope of saving it then make an appointment with a counsellor or Relationships Australia.

If there is no hope then move out asap. The sooner the better so your grief process can run its course and you can find some peace within.

It will be hard, but things will improve emotionally. Try to remain friendly and positive.

Distraction is your friend. Hobbies, sports, outings etc.

Tony WK

Thank you for your advise Tony.

I feel like it's my fault that this happened. I got upset over barely anything because I think I have depression myself and it upset him a lot more than I thought it would.

He's been battling with depression for a while now, and he's blamed me for making him upset again after he finally had a good week.

We've had arguements before, but this time it's ruined everything. I regret saying what I did.

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hi Erica, if the two of you are struggling with depression then neither of you will be able to come to a compromise, because the both of you are thinking in a negative state of mind and even if there were times when you did agree it may only last for a few minutes because you will begin to think about whether you should question what was said, and finally disagreeing once again, that's what depression does.
You both need to have a talk, probably a short discussion, otherwise you may have an argument for no particular reason and tell each other that you're sorry the both of you have depression, but are trying to find a counsellor, so the next few weeks maybe difficult but you have to respect how the other is feeling. Geoff.