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Bloke blues

Community Member
Hi, i thought id finally possibly found a suitable partner (I really liked him). He suddenly cancelled our plans, ghosted me and went back online looking for someone else. All ive ever wanted was a decent and intelligent man that i can share my life with, but seem to be very unlucky in love. I feel like theres a curse on me or something!
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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi LLL, welcome

Tough gig the dating game. As a guy (64yo now happily married) I know your pain.

There is no other alternative than to continue on and don’t despair, dating etiquette, manners and respect is not taught to people nowadays.


I have to agree

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello LLL, I'm sorry that this has happened, but remember that anticipation can be soul destroying in wanting to form a relationship, but it can happen once trust has been shown and don't let this stop you from finding another person.

Please let us know.