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Being sabotaged by a friend

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I've been friends with this person for about 5 years now but the drama only started 2 years ago when I got in a relationship.

It was only small things at first, she kept saying i would spend all my time with my boyfriend so I set aside Mondays to meet up with her and if I couldnt meet with her I'd call her and we would talk for hours and hours. I use to complain about my boyfriend's housemates alot because I felt very rejected by them despite my many attempts to get to know them or make a good impression, in the end I ended up telling my boyfriend that I didn't like them and explained that because I felt uncomfortable around them I wouldn't be going to his house anymore which he understood and thanked me for being honest and said he would talk to them in hopes to work things out. Anywat almost a week after this I get a message from his housemate saying I was banned from his house and ECT ect. Everything in the long message I had sent to my friend however it had been twisted and turned into something awful making me seem like a monster. I then messaged my friend saying I needed some space from her as I was very emotionally unstable and she would spent countless nights messaging me abusive words and hateful thoughts.

Months later she reached out to me again after finding out I was going through a hard time with some family related drama, we where close again as if the past never happened and she apologized and everything.

But turns out that she had gotten close to me again to use me, in the time we where close the people who banned me from my boyfriend's house had moved out and I moved it. Everything was going extremely well or so I thought, I found out that my friend had been trying to convince my boyfriend to break up with me, she had gone over to my daughters father's parents house to attempt to get them take my daughter off me, she spoke to everyone who knew was going to meet me and told them horrible things about me to the point where they where scared of me.

My family don't talk to me, new people avoid me like the plague, everyone that new me now has this sour opinions of me. There is only two people I have left that trust me and that's my boyfriend and my housemate. I feel very alone and isolated and a common thought that pops into my mind is, why can't she just be happy that I found happiness?

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I know I can't tell you what to do but my gut instinct is to get rid of those who have not had your back from the get go.

It might hurt, but not as much as they're hurting you right now.

Thus saving your energy for yourself

It's a drama no body needs.

I wish you well

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Hope you will find peace soon. They weren't your friends. But two close friends are enough.