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Australian border and long distance

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February 2020 when I finally decided to go back to my home country for a much needed break from all the chaos that had happened in my life (from depression, anxiety, to being suicidal, ending a 10 years old relationship, struggling to get a residency, to what not).

I was leaving behind a lot of things in Sydney. Including my new found love. We both were sceptical about the decision but given the circumstances and how bad my mental condition was, I thought it was the best thing to do. To spend some time with my family (especially my little nephew who is the love of my life at the moment) and to figure out my life on my own.

Then the covid happened. The whole world kindof paused and we were to. First few months were okay coz I was getting to spend time with my nephew. And I was doing something I always wanted to do, Arts. I rediscovered my fondness for arts and design and it just changed my life.

Like any other long distance couple, we do talk over the phone, video chats. Thanks to technology. But at time it gets really hard. Not being able to see and feel that person is just heart breaking. While people in some part of the world (especially Australia) have already started the pre-covid normal life, some people are still struggling. With this uncertainty of international border reopening in Australia, it feels like we're fighting a never ending battle.
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Sorry about the situation there must be millions of people caught out all over the world , l know a few myself from different countries that weren't able to go home to their country for long stints.

But yeah , not that it'll change a thing but l think Australia's gone way over kill with their border thing , especially with their own people it's ridiculous for this long. So you must've been over back home well over 12 mths now then yeah? lt's a long time to be on hold and away from your partner alright. We're part time long distance different states but at least in the same country.

l'm sorry anyway you and your partner are going through this, and you must be in such limbo with life itself as well.