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Are You Happy at Home ?

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Everyone, this thread topic was suggested to me by a good friend, I think it's an excellent question that affects so many of us.

If you think you could be depressed or lonely, or if you feel unsafe at home, remember it's important to seek help, so please post if this includes yourself.

Best wishes.


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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Geoff,

What a good idea for a thread! I believe our home environment is incredibly important to our wellbeing too.

We sold our house a few months ago and are renting while our forever home is built. From the moment I stepped foot in this rental my mental health has taken a dive.

It sounds silly but it is true. I spend as little time here as I can. It is an old rundown house. Freezing cold. Poorly orientated (No sunlight). Poorly maintained. It was hard to find a rental that permitted a german shepherd and a rabbit. I would rather live in my shed if it didn't have all our furniture.

But the worst thing is the whistling (yep whistling) at night time. It's a dodgy area and at night you hear call and echo whistles. Hubby explained to me that it is a technique used for burglary where the lookout calls and warns the others. He worked with the police for a while.

It makes me frightened when the calls get close. Our dog goes beserk and we've improved the security. But I don't sleep well and have nightmares since moving here.

So I agree 100%. If you don't feel safe at home it makes depression and anxiety worse. If you can't sleep or feel on guard it is exhausting.

Only 5 months on the lease to go.

Geoff... I saw somewhere you hadn't been feeling happy or well. Is that what prompted this new thread?