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Any suggestions?

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I have been married for 15 years and I have not had sex with my wife for 4 years.  She says she is tired and just not interested but I think thats just a convenient excuse.  Have tried talking about it but says she's not interested in it and fobs me off.   The situation is getting ridiculous.  
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Champion Alumni

dear Grilled Whiting, just briefly there is a post by Steve1 where his wife is not interested in having sex, which you might like to read, I don't have the link, but comments were made on it yesterday so it maybe on page 1 or page 2.

Never the less my wife (ex) had moved into another bedroom before she divorced me, but it was a long time that we were intimate, and she also wouldn't talk about it, even though I was too afraid of what could happen if I mentioned it, knowing that if I did, it would then be another few months if anything happened.

Try and find that other post which is quite long and read what other people have said. Geoff.