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Anger management in relationships

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Hi there,

I'm new to the forums and just after some advice or information.

I'm a 22 year old woman and I get become excruciatingly angry. My past partners have told me that I can also become bitter, resentful and vindictive, which I think is why my relationships (especially my last one) broke down. My last boyfriend dumped me last Sunday and one of the reasons he stated was this. It really broke my heart because I have been genuinely trying to get it under control.

I've been trying to find professional help but a lot of it is geared towards men. There are psychologists who apply Medicare rebates if you have referrals but it is still a bit pricey. Can anyone recommend any particular programs/courses or information that I could access?

Many thanks

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Yeah , sadly that would probably be from the attitude out there that women can do no wrong so there's no need for an anger thing. When going through divorce as a guy and dad, there's nothing to help men because even if she screwed around, she can do no wrong and is a poor poor women . so , that'd be why.

But you could just at least start anyway with the same things for guys the principle will still be the same.

It's great that you acknowledge it so young anyway , it really is. l didn't even realize how bad mine was to live with until late in my marriage . BUT, l have also broken up with two girls myself because of their tempers, both were twice as shorter fuse than me , much much shorter and far far nastier than mine too , so yeah , l know chicks can be just as bad tempered even a lot worse and it's great that your realizing it so young and want to work on it , good for you , nice goin.

Good luck anyway and hopefully someone here's got some good advice and you find what you need.