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Adult son with anxiety homelessness and drugs

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Looking to connect with people having issues with adult children with long term social, drug, anxiety, homelessness issues.
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Valued Contributor

Hi Jeanr,

I don’t have any children, but I still wanted to visit to extend a caring welcome to you here. I hope that’s okay with you...

I can only imagine the daily stress, uncertainty & worry that you would feel for your child. I feel it would be very overwhelming...

I know there are some forum members here with similar struggles, & who will be able to relate...I hope they reach out to you, & maybe even share their own stories if they’re feeling up to it ...

In the mean time, I’m thinking of you.

Kindness and care,


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Hi I don't have kids but I do have a adult sister whos a drug user (ice) It hurts me when I see her high we try rehab but it has not take I'm mum has graven up on her I feel that she don't want to quit anyone got any advice please leave me a massage