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Adult separation anxiety

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Hi I’m a newbie to this forum. I suffer really bad anxiety when my husband goes out without me - only for a few hours. It’s really hurting him but I can’t seem to control the anxiety or jealousy that he’s having a good time and I’m not. It’s destroying our long marriage. It’s like an out of body experience that I can’t control - crying, can’t eat or sleep and sometimes anger. And sometimes I’m not even aware of it happening like it’s all in subconscious and then manifests out itself later on.

Seen a few psychologists and can’t seem to find the root cause to stop this. Had anyone experienced this? Thanks.

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Hi Bubsymc,

I haven't experienced this but I admire you still tackling this. Sometimes changing things bit by bit is better than finding a cause.

Are you seeing a mental health professional at the moment?