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Abortion stigma

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Hi all,
I’m a 23 year old female born with grade 3 unilateral microtia which means my right ear didn’t form properly in the womb and causes hearing loss due to the lack of external ear canal.

I am an introvert who suffers from social anxiety and depression. Currently on anti-depressant medication but despite the Coronavirus pandemic am actually in a good place.

Last year was tough when I got out of my first relationship and had moved out of home for the first time. It is nice living back with my family now despite my parents going through a separation.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

hi and welcome to beyond blue. It is see you are coping in the current situation. In this time people are looking for other ways to the connect with each other as they cannot see each other like they used to and typically using platforms like zoom.

what sort of things are you doing at the moment to pass the time?

it also sounds as though your parrent very much care about you and what you are going through. There was a period of time when I was on stress leave from work and would spend each friday with my parents - it was a time that allowed me to get to know my parents better. Perhaps 30 years too late but it's a start.

I am curious about the link between the title and your post but that can wait til a later time. I am listening to you and very much interested in hearing your story.

Peace to you,