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My Darling Dog Will Be Euthenized Soon

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I have a dear dog whom I rescued from a horrible place in May 2020. She is now 9 years old. She is the light and love of my life. Two weeks ago she seemed to be unbalanced and a long story short I have taken her to the vet 4 times since then. She has had numerous tests and ultrasounds and the vet is not giving me any answers.

In the last two days she has been lying in the bathroom which she never does. She has been having tremors and crying in her sleep. Although the vet doesn't know what is wrong they have put her on strong painkillers. When she has these she doesn't show pain but sleeps.

She is not drinking water and is very out of sorts. I feel it is time to put her out of this misery. The vet wants to do an MRI at a cost of $5000.00. I have spent $1600 at the vet in the last 9 days.

I am besides myself as I feel she has had a stroke or has a brain tumour yet the vet keeps stringing me along. At the end of the day I truly believe she is showing all the signs of a poor animal at the end of her life.

I am so torn. I barely sleep, I put her on my bed at night and she is often panting, crying in her sleep or having tremors. I am so upset and anxious and I guess I just want someone to make that decision for me. Which I know is not going to happen.

I rang my local vet and told them what has been going on (they were not aware as I had to take dear doggy to emergency vet throughout all of this). They were very kind and said to me that if I truly feel it is time to take here there anytime and they will look after her....

I am so scared that if I do this it might be too early? Yet deep down I know something very wrong is going on with her....I am falling apart. I love her so much. She had a terrible life until I rescued her. I hate life. It is so terrible and unfair.

I have been crying almost constantly daily. Please someone help. Thankyou.

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That does make me smile, too.

In what you say, I can picture the scenes, on the beach & in the park, a lively dog running & chasing, bounding along, perhaps splashing in the water, or flying over the grass - a joyful sight. 😻Thank you

Mekitty had a way of talking to me, too, one she had begun herself. She would sit outside, at the doorway to the bathroom, when I went in to use the loo, & she made little mewling sounds. I began trying to imitate her, & she would do it again. It sounded like 'mep-mep' & sometimes with a quavering included. We would 'chat' like this until I would finish & stand up again. Then, often, as if waitng for me, to leave the room, she would go & use her litter tray after

I've never known any other cat who did anything like this before, so it became special to me.

I am so convinced that cats & dogs, & many other animals all have their own individual personalities. I think this is what makes forming such a deep bond with them possible.

Your dog will be missed by many,, none more than you.


Darling Mekitty! What a beautiful soul! I can say with all honesty that all of my favourite and funny memories are from my beloved doggies that I have had over the years. I have so many photos and videos of them; I laugh everytime!

My beloved used to do this hilarious thing at the dog park....all the dogs would come up and sniff her and so on....she was always incredibly patient and never ever showed any ill will. However; she would do this scritching thing where if a dog was behind her sniffing around she would scritch and kick at the dirt/grass etc and fling it all over the poor hound behind her! She had a reputation for doing that at the dog park! It was so funny to see! One day it was a beautiful pure white samoyed...well; after my darling had her way he wasn't white anymore! He was covered in dirt and pine needles! I crack up everytime I think of those episodes.

She was such a pure beam of light and love. She never showed any signs of aggression even when pups would run up and chew on her darling velvet ears! So patient and tolerant. Oh I miss her so 😞 There was not one 'bad' thing about her. She just made my life so happy and I am so glad I could make her last 20 months on this planet happy as well. I don't count the last month as that was when all the issues began and it was horrible.

Thankyou for your post. You are lovely xxx

I like the story about making the white dog dirty. How did the other owner respond? Asking out of curiosity.

Thank you, PM, for your kind words.

I think that is an adorable memory to treasure. & indeed, I wonder how the Samoyed's owner had reacted? I can imagine how difficult it would be to clean out the Samoyed's hair of all the mess.

When I was a kid, a neighbour had a Samoyed dog & rather than groom, the neighbour had his hair more or less sheared! They had cut it right in close to his skin. It was amazing to realise how much hair these dogs have.

We had a sheep for a while, & he didn't have that much wool, when he got sheared.

My relations with animals were never as good with people.


Luckily the owner thought it was hilarious! 🙂


The owner had a good laugh about it! I love dogs; so comical!

A pet sheep would've been sweet. Years ago I knew some people who already had pet dogs and they adopted a dear little lamb. The lamb grew up thinking he was a dog and would copy the dog's behaviour; it was very cute to see!

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Blue Voices Member
Hi Panicmerchant it is lovely reading your stories about your beloved dog.I can see what a wonderful owner you were to give this dog such a great life even though it was a short period of time.Hearing the lamb story bought back memories when we had two lambs years ago when I was first married.They were great company for our other three dogs.They grew to be really big and use to get a Shearer in to shear them.

I came home today to find a stunning orchid in a vase and a card on the porch? From my doggy pals down the road! I do not know their last name....I had not seen them to tell them what happened but someone had told them. The card was so beautiful...they said they were besides themselves with grief when they found out what happened to my 'precious' child they said they loved her so 😞 I was so touched...and cried .....I had another beautiful flower delivery last week from another friend whom I don't see much due to her work schedule.

So lovely to have such caring people in my World. I must admit I had nothing from anyone in my family. Not even a card. Go figure hey! Oh well that old chestnut is getting stale....I have to stop expecting anything from them as I will never ever get it. All I get from them (other than silence) is judgements, unsolicited advice and criticism.

That just shows what that beautiful sweet doggy did for me. She loved going out so I met so many other dog lovers. They have been the true pearls in this situation. She will leave her legacy forever in my heart.

I will love her forever and beyond.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
That's lovely to get a card an orchid from your doggy friends.It shows people do care about you even if it's not your family.I think you need to concentrate on the people who do care and not on the ones that don't.

Yes I agree. I am quite devastated at the lack of care shown by my so called family, but I should not expect anything else from them 😞

Totally true that one can choose their friends and not their family!