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Manipulating your memory to forget a traumatic event

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I have a friend that went through some traumatic events recently. They have tried counseling but have not had much success with it. I am just curious if there is anyway a person can get rid of their memory? My friend says that if they couldn’t remember the event they would feel better. I did some research and read that they are trialling something like this overseas by giving people large amounts of a certain drug to erase their memory, and they’ve had a bit of success although it’s very dangerous. I just wanted to check and see if someone out there could give me some help with this, or if someone knows something that I dont
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Hello M'Head

Welcome and thankyou for posting too!

I hope your friend is doing reasonably okay. Any form of trauma requires determination and a strong desire to heal. Counselling (whether formal or informal) does take time to work especially when we 'open up' and are really honest with our counsellor

Doing research is fine yet face to face therapy does bring us the best peace of mind...especially when we engage in frequent visits. Unfortunately there is no quick fix. I used to have chronic anxiety for 37 years after trauma and it does take time and all the patience we can muster

If your friend is using Dr Google to self heal....please let them know that doing so may exacerbate their current symptoms. Google is okay with cuts and scratches yet can be quicksand where mental health is concerned

The frequency of counselling is the key that unlocks the door.....just per my own experience

The forums are a secure and non judgmental place for you to post

any questions are always welcome!


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Hello M'Head, and a warm welcome.

It must be difficult for your friend and yes we only wish there was a drug that could eventually wipe away all those occasions as well as the thoughts that can continually harass us.

There is a drug being trialled but questioned under medical ethics, although I'm not in a position as I'm not qualified, but with losing the bad also means any good that happened beforehand may also be lost.

The trouble 'if' this does become available and only talking as a sufferer myself is that it could affect people's ability to respond to dangerous situations in the future
and could even take away people's positive memories.

Friends who have had ECT do have some sort of memory loss but ii's a good topic to discuss.