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Hello, I've written this post under PTSD although I have not be diagnosed and I have never sought help. I have however been researching to try and find out why I am like I am and why I can't seem to get past it. This evening I thought I would Google PTSD and see whether my symptoms match at all. Gosh, nearly all my symptoms match what I read. My GP would call it Dr Google but we live in an information society and finding out how my suspicions match PTSD is a relief in itself. I believe my life changed in 2013 so I've been carrying this for several years already. During 2013 I had a very nasty employer who wouldn't listen to reason and then sacked me. I was encouraged to pursue him and her for unfair dismissal and other charges. I did, and I won, but the victory was shallow and I've been badmouthed all over the city I live in and consequently have not held a job more than a few months since. In the same year my much loved springer spaniel died at almost 16 years, and following that only a month later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As I have read in other posts, my family don't believe in mental health and I am told to "get over it" and "get on with it" both of which I find insensitive and unsupportive. I am not suicidal, I'm too pig headed to want to do away with myself but I now find myself anxious about just about everything and the slightest thing will tip me over the edge. Surely there has to be a better way of moving toward retirement and happiness?
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Hello Casss, and a warm welcome to the forums.

You have had to face some extraordinary events, with coping with cancer and then losing your beloved 16 year old dog, both which I'm so sorry, losing an 18 year old dog myself and know a couple of friends who have also had breast cancer and know that this time has certainly not been beneficial to you at all.

Although you won against your employer, unfortunately, there have been repercussions resulting from this outcome and ben disturbing for you.

It's a shame you don't have the support of your family in regards to mental illness, simply because 'you just can't get over it', how we wish for this to happen, but no, we need help from our doctor and psych.

We tend to check the net for answers to our problems, and I do it, but there has been much talk about DrGoogle whether or not our symptoms match what is said, however, I've found that you can raise these concerns with your GP who can then confirm or dismiss what the net tells you.

I am very sorry if you are suffering from PTSD, but your family doesn't need to know if your doctor suggests you see a psychologist on a mental health plan, which allows Medicare pay 10 sessions per year.

Like to hear back from you.


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Valued Contributor

Hi Casss

First, just want to start by saying you are seriously amazing. You have so many natural abilities. You have the natural ability to:

  • Wonder, to the point where your wonder has led to what sounds like you're definitely onto something with the PTSD aspect
  • Follow your instinct. You decided to trust the kind of inspiration that led you to Dr Google 🙂 Imagine if you didn't trust your instinct. You'd possibly still be wondering
  • Listen to reason, where other's don't, such as your ex employer
  • Experience sensitivity. Sounds like you're someone who possibly feels deep emotion, to the point where you feel emotion on a physical level. In regard to you having lost your beloved dog (my heart goes out to you), could be wrong here but I imagine you felt heartache. I imagine such a loss led you to perhaps feel sick with sorrow. Emotion is a powerful thing

I bet the list goes on in regard to your natural abilities. Personally, one natural ability I truly enjoy is 'questioning'. Must admit, my questioning and wondering can be a little obsessive and compulsive at times but I just love to know the answers when it comes to highly questionable people and situations. For example, I find it highly questionable when someone says 'Just get over it' or 'Just get on with things'. Often, when you ask someone who says such things 'How do I do that?', the response is 'I don't know'. I find that questionable. You would be right to respond with 'Now you know how I feel. I don't know either'. If you challenged them to create a detailed management plan for 'getting on with things', there's a strong possibility they couldn't come up with one that works for you, unless they possessed natural logic, good instinct and the ability to listen to you carefully, as opposed to carelessly.

Strange to consider but a job interview that involves you expressing your strong desire to only work for a reasonable, thoughtful and caring employer could come across as impressive. Expressing only wanting to work with a team of inspired happy people goes toward defining your own nature, in the eyes of a potential employer. Me, I work in the care industry, so expressing a strong desire to care and only work for and with caring people was definitely a good selling point in my last interview at the place I currently work in. A careless and thoughtless employer won't employ someone who cares enough to question a destructive environment. There are those out there who would love you on their team.