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You deserve a break

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I think lots of us push ourselves too hard - tiring our bodies, minds, and spirit.

We can get swamped by all the deadlines, work, and misfortunes...

Life can be hard sometimes.

You deserve a break.

Last month, I was fortunate to travel to New Zealand. I saved up and splashed my earnings.

I had a wonderful time. I also had limited access to WI-FI, which was a blessing in itself. My focus was 100% on my friends and the fun times I was having, instead of worrying about work or university.

My holiday made me realize that I'm a lot happier when I'm on break.

But how can I take more breaks when I can't afford non-stop holidays?

Breaks aren't limited to holidays.

I'm trying to spend some time each day doing relaxing stuff by myself. I watch some youtube videos and read books.

What will you be doing to give yourself more breaks??

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Community Member

Hello Blueskye,

What a beautiful thread you have started! I think you have nailed it on the head! Limited WIFI, no work pressures or study deadlines, friends, and beautiful surroundings. This is real life! No wonder you felt happier!

When I still used to go on holidays, years ago, I used to say 'This is reality. Work is an illusion.' Nowadays, I have limited the hours and days I work and I spend more time daily walking at parks, beach, lake etc with my dogs (I pet sit and dog walk and dog groom in my free time). I deliberately put my phone on 'airplane' mode when I go to bed at night and have all the notifications from all the APPS off throughout the day and night. I say 'No' more often and regret it less. I live in the space between the moment that has expired and the one that is about to eventuate. I seldom plan, therefore I seldom get disappointed if a plan doesn't eventuate. I live moment by moment and always play it by ear. (This is highly frustrating to the couple of people that I allow to associate with me). I feel I have no need for holidays (the last one was in 2012 before I quit my job and made big changes and shifts in my life). Now, I live as if I am on holidays daily. No rush. Sleep ins. Afternoon naps. If it stresses me, I leave it alone.

Of course I had to go through many traumas to reach this realization that each moment is precious and nothing is important enough to steal it away from me.

I am now calm, happy and very peaceful knowing that nothing is under control and neither it should be. I'm very happy to let things happen and I do not need to know. The last few years I have no tv in my home, I don't listen to the radio or read newspapers and I have become mindful and aware of myself in relation to my feelings, the way I engage with others and my environment which I am a part of and is a part of me. Some say that I am spiritual in my approach, however, I do not have any faith or belief system. I just breathe in and out, in and out, in and out, until I am calm and relaxed.

The world goes on all around me but I somehow feel immuned from all the things that used to drag me down.

We all have our answers inside us if we are not afraid to listen closely and attentively. X