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(Trigger warning) PTSD after being stabbed

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I feel after i was stabbed nearly 1year ago in the chest heart arterie severed , punctured left lung ,fractured rib rushed to icu injuries were life threatening,i am struggling to deal with life i live in constant fear especially around people i public i have no family support but do have friends but i feel a burden to them all, the flashbacks are out off control especially when sleeping,i dont no what to do i dont have the desire to do much in life anymore i seam to have lost interest in working hobbies even going for a surf i have 4weeks left at were im staying now and the time has come for me to ask for help as i put on a brave face but deep down im feel broken, what do you suggest would be something that could help me with dealing with this nighmare i deal with everynight i go to sleep
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Good morning Jason, I hope you slept well and it's a bright sunny day where you are.

I'm a bit foggy headed this morning - not sleeping well at night and sleeping too much in the day. Need to sort that out, think I've got it the wrong way around. 😊

It's going to be another hot one here today. How are you coping with the heat? Are you able to be somewhere cool during the day? Hope so. Wish I was closer to the beach.

How are you feeling today? Yesterday was pretty hard going eh? I hope today is better for you.

Cheers mate, we're here for you.


Hi Jason

It's nice to see you are having a talk with Kaz, she's a fine lady.

I'm hoping you have somewhere good to sleep, are you still in that lady's flat or have you had to move back to your car?

If you wanted to tell Kaz all about thinks it sounds a pretty good idea to me. One hint that I found helpful, you don't have to say it all in one go - you can of course and for some people that's the best way. For me I decided I'd say things up to a particular event one day, and more the next -whatever you think best.

Going to the Library rather than strain your eves sounds like a plan too.

How are you getting on with your doctor and finding a psych?

Hang in there


Hi Kazzl Croix, Mark

I cant takethis anymore, fts centerlink have knocked me back again for dsp i cant get supporting evidence for my claim for either victoms compensation or dsp cause i cant get supporting evidence from psyhic or councilor cause after 26 visits to my gp still no luck with referrals

Over it all now all my centerlink goes on rent and have about 120 left each fortnight

Jason aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr


Your frustration with the system comes though in every letter you typed in that last message.

I guess it's time to take a breather mate - have you enough gas to go look at the waves? See the ocean, listen to the wind, time the waves going in and out on the shore, notice sea-birds?

You have come though the same feelings before - and you have won through and you will always do so, you are stronger than the system and will beat it in time.

I would have trouble myself dealing with the things you do

You have my respect


Jase, i know this is going to be really hard but now is the time you need to stop. Pause. Get that inner warrior that has been going so well of late to push the negative thoughts out of your head and think clearly and make good decisions. Easier said than done, i know that but you are one very tough and resilient person so i believe that you can do that.

It is about setting new goals, it is about being kind to yourself and it is about not letting the system get you anymore than what it has.

Keep getting on here and engaging with us.

Can you start a new rainbow? Can you sit and talk with Vince? As Croix said above, can you get to the beach?

Remember mate, you have been through worse, you can get through this.


Hi everyone

Its nothing that suprises me but i never recieved the phone call as promised today from the original arresting police officer after over a dozen email requests for him to contact me also did not have return call from the dpp after i ended up complaining that tara pain has never returned my calls even the victoms of crime have asked her to contact me i was advised to send email to dpp asking for return call from her manager nothing and to top it off the charity organization never got back to me after i called them this morning in regards to the rent assistance im getting no were really whats going on more mental torture and disappointments i can file claim for victims compensation without supporting evidence as far as anyone is concerned including centerlink i dont have a claim without a professionals opinion what am i ment to do it wearing me out 13 months its not right

Hi Jason,

Things are not good at the moment and it's depressing for you - very frustrating.

While I remember Kaz has been called away for a few days, but will be back.

I'd like to ask you - and sorry if you have already thought of this - but is there somebody over there that could be an advocate on your behalf to help deal with some of these hassles alongside you? I don't mean a lawyer, but perhaps someone form Anglicare or another such organization?

Trying to juggle all the things you do takes its toll, and someone speaking on your behalf would be good.

Hang in there mate


Hi Jason,

I've only just stumbled on your thread here. I'm so very sorry to read of all that is going on in your life right now.

Like Croix has mentioned, I hope you are able to find someone who can help you with all of this. Wish I had some answers for you. Your local council may be able to suggest possible help and support options.

Just wanted to let you know that I too am thinking of you. As difficult as all of this is for you, it is important to try and find some time to rest. Very difficult in your situation, I understand that.

You mentioned going to the library to use a computer. Strange as it may sound, even chatting to the staff at the library might help you. They may have books on support services in your area as well.

Hoping you find the help you need! Thinking of you from Dools

Hi im in hospital all this stress is taking its toll i have wrote my ute off i smashed into the back of a parked truck which was parked in bicycle lane and half on road and the guys were working on the other side of road my but really lucky i never hurt anyone i cant take any more off this hand balling and avoiding helping me from this government look at whats happened never had a crash like this before in my life now i have no car


Ouch! Jason

Are you injured mate?