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I so lonely 😭 and I am tired of this

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I don’t know how to start this but I am sick and tired of having no one to talk to and nothing to do. I sit at home and just do written jobs. No one even cares if I sit on my own all day.I have tried to talk to people that i went to school with but none of them have even showed any interest, I am so desperate. I cry myself to sleep most nights I can’t sleep because what’s the point. I am good at nothing which makes me un- useful. None of this youth groups can help me and my consular doesn’t know how to help either. I am so scared of what I have become, 20 and I have no friends or job even worse no one likes me. I just think what is the point of living when there is nothing to live for, this is cruel world. If anyone is reading this I am not forcing you to answer but if you do Thankyou very much.
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Hi mark

i can’t be alone but I am, it’s like I have no choice. Headspace don’t care about me, I just sat there depressed on my birthday with 16 year olds who were so much funnier and younger then me. I am jealous I lost my adolescence, and now I am losing my young adulthood too. No one wants to know me and to be honest I don’t want to know myself. I am so lonely right now, I need someone to talk to because I have no one. I can’t motivate myself to do anything, not even music works now. I need so people interaction.


Hi Hayley,thats no good that you are not finding Headspace helpful.You said you dont like yourself.Is their something paticular you dont like about yourself?I have that question and just respond with everything.I dont think i had a chance to ever like myself.When i was in school i was teased from day one to i left but it wasnt everyone it was just the bullies but it effected me and still does.

Humans are sociable and need interaction with others someone to laugh with,cry with just sit with and just enjoy their company.I wish thir was an easy way to make friends for you.

When i was 20 I lost my father to cancer and this really destroyed me.I use to lock myself in my room all day.My mum tried to get me out but i just didnt want to face anything when i lost my father.I adventurally came out and the world was still the same.I moved out of home when i inherited my grandmothers estate even though i never thought i could even do that.My mum use to do my grocery shopping for me at first but i adventurally started doing it.

I just want you to know i have struggled myself and that oneday things will improve its just the battle to get there.

Take care,


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Blue Voices Member

Hi Hayley i am just seeing how you are.I hope weekend is ok.

Take care,


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Hi Hayley, Sarah, Mark and anyone else here.

Just checking in to see how you all are? I've missed all of you.

I'm back after a break from here, sorry all.

Take care, I hope you're all well.

Tayla x

Hey Tayla

It is so great to chat some more to you and I too have had a bit of a break and am back and ready to chat..lol

Hope that things are good with you and that you are feeling good.

A little break is actually really refreshing and you come back with some new ideas and some new energy which is great.

Huge hugs to you as always

Sarah xxx

Hey Sarah, I agree. I hope you're alright too. I was scared about having a break but it seems to have helped a little. I've seen some nice things written for me like this so thank you to you and others who have said kind things for me to read. Still catching up on all the threads however.

Great to see you back too, hope all is well with you too.

Take care, love and hugs always too,

Tayla xx

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Hey Hayley, Sarah and Mark, and if there's any others on this thread.

How are you all? I've been thinking of you Hayley and worried, and Sarah too. I hope you're both OK.

Take care you two, love and hugs.

Tayla x

Community Member

Hi Hayley and Sarah.

I'm worried about you both, are you both alright? I understand if you need time to yourselves, I've been thinking of you both. How's the Penpal stuff going, Hayley?

Take care, I'm always here.